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From SEAT Sport to CUPRA Racing.

The evolution of motorsport.

In 1970, we launched our renowned competition division, SEAT Sport. Since that time, motorsport has changed a lot. And so have we. That’s why SEAT Sport is now CUPRA RACING, marking a new era in racing and sportiness itself. Not only because it’s the core essence of CUPRA’s world today, but also because it’s what we are building for tomorrow. CUPRA Racing translates into the ambition to redefine, establish and lead a new vision for racing, on and off the circuit.

By transitioning from traditional formats to new platforms and partnerships that bring a fresh perspective to racing, while also being critical and not afraid of changing the way we see and feel the future of competition, CUPRA Racing will lead the evolution. More accurately: the revolution. All this will be possible thanks to our determination to make things different, our 40 years of experience in this field and an indispensable team of passionate racing lovers who played an important role in many different competitions, such as the TCR Series with the SEAT Leon CUP RACER.

Following in CUPRA Racing’s pioneering footsteps, we went back to the garage and developed the CUPRA e-Racer: the first electric touring car ever made, representing a true shift in the racing world.

E-Racer technology inspired a brand-new experience in the world of motorsport – the E-TCR series, the first ever electric, multi-brand touring car championship, starting in 2019.

In short, CUPRA has the ambition to reinvent racing in every possible way. And we can’t wait to see what the future will bring at the end of every lap.


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