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Laia Sanz

Racing is in my DNA.

What’s your passion?
Motorbikes, cars, racing in general... I've always loved competition. Not just winning, but discovering my own potential, pushing myself further to achieve things that other people say are impossible.

I've always had a strong connection with cars. I can still remember the feeling of my father putting me on the bonnet of his car when I was two or three. I think real passion can't be expressed in words. You can't define a feeling. You just have to go with it.

Has your passion for racing changed who you are?
It's a part of who I am: I have a racing personality, it's in my DNA.
Sometimes you can't separate who you are from what you do. And whatever you do-whether you're a designer, a musician, an artisan, or anything else-you need to be committed to your passion.

What does CUPRA mean to you?
SEAT's racing spirit. Passion for racing, a shared vision for cars and the racetrack and a discovery of how those two things come together.It's also the hunger to find out what comes next, the ideas down the track, the desire to always evolve and improve: to go back to the garage and invent the future.

The future of automotive technology is going to be increasingly human-centric, not machine-centric.

Where do you think the evolution of racing is going?
The mechanics of it can change a lot. But racing itself won't. The spirit is the same today as it's always been. Electric cars? Perhaps it's hard for today's racers to imagine a future without petrol, but once the capabilities of electric mobility catch up, it will result in new possibilities, for sure. A change in mindset will be needed. The whole concept of a racing could change.
In general, I think the future of automotive technology is going to be increasingly human-centric, instead of machine centric.

Awesome. It's a real race car. Strong breaking, great cornering... The perfect car for my transition to the world of cup racing. Driving it has taught me a lot.    


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